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The Breakout system provides single touch centralised locking / unlocking to every doorwindow and security screen within a home. It uses the power of compressed air to remotely operate the locks and can be operated from any location by the press of one button. Optional remote control via telephone, pendant transmitter or other means is also available.

General Details

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When the System is pressurised, strong stainless steel pins extend and lock the barrier securely closed. Activation of any pressure release device instantly disengages the locks. This allows barriers to be opened.

The system can also open and close individual doors automatically.

In an emergency the System is operated manually or activated automatically. In the case of fire, when sensors detect smoke or heat they trigger electronically controlled valves. These automatically release the locks.

Security alarm and intruder detection features can also be added to the System.

Battery backup ensures the system is always functional. An audible integrity alarm warns if pneumatic pressure should fall below the required level.

Possible Areas for Application
For installation into both new and existing buildings, at one or any number of suitable emergency exit points.
. Domestic Household
. Office Complex
. Industrial Buildings
. Aged Care Facilities
. Hospitals and Schools


The system has many automatic and manual control options, from key ring remotes to wall mounted buttons, ribbon switches (located on the ground and are activated by the wheelchair running over them) and proximity readers. Telephone and SMS control is available.


Contact supplier for information on tradesmen who can install this system in the ACT.


New South Wales/ Australian Capital Territory


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Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Breakout Barrier Release System: The system is adaptable for several home automation applications.

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Breakout Barrier Release System (Avalon)

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Breakout Barrier Release System (Avalon)

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