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A range of childrens height adjustable desks. The height adjustment is mechanically operated by either a key string on the desk table or adjustable feet. Available in various models with a range of accessories.

General Details

Extra product information

Varnished in beech or maple.

Desktop can be tilted with continuous adjustment to 30°.and an integrated brake holds the desktop in position. The lowering speed can be set, depending on the load on the desktop. Corners and edges are rounded in soft plastic.

Castors on rear feet for portability.

Height Adjustability
Available in either classic or comfort design.
Classic - Height adjustment in 10 positions with hook-in-mount.
Comfort - continuous height adjustment of the desk and added units. This operates by pulling a cord at the side of the desks.

Book Holder
This can be fixed to the desk and will not move when the desk top is tilted. It includes a blank timetable for student use, plus a drawing template with an integrated reading glass and pen holder. The book holder comes with every desk model.

Other Features
. The keyboard shelf on the computer desks swings up in 3 stages until it is level with the desk top. This increases the work surface by approx. 30%.
. The monitor shelf can be adjusted to provide the preferred viewing angle and distance. Suitable for tube and TFT monitors up to 24'.
. Cable Butler . This plug-in clamp is made from spring steel and will support all cables at the back of the desk. It also prevents unplugged cables from falling off the desk. It is ideal for use with laptops and is included in the delivery of every Pro Combi computer desk.
. There is a range of side desk add ons to increase the surface area of the desks.
. Desk drawers are available.
. Measurement scale helps to set the correct desk height quickly.
. Adjustable feet plates balance uneven floor and provide added stability.


Desk sets - these are coloured and patterned panels that can be attached to the desk. The range available can be viewed on suppliers website.

Cleaning Requirements

Durable surface Cleaning
Wipe the melamine-resin coated chipboard with a damp cloth and a little mild detergent. Stubborn stains (felt pen) can also be removed with a nitro-based cleaner.

The wooden surface is sealed with a water-based varnish, and can be wiped with a damp cloth. To repair damage to the surface, sand gently and re-seal.


Contact Supplier for Details


Contact Supplier for Details



Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Runner: Runner

Model Runner Compact: Runner Compact

Model All but Pro Combi: All but Pro Combi

  • Depth 70 mm

Model Pro Combi: Pro Combi

  • Depth 70 mm

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