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Microsoft Accessibility is the official Microsoft website outlining the accessibility features of their products. Their website gives details about in built accessibility features in Microsoft products that can be adjusted to meet individual needs and preferences. It includes tutorials, demonstrations, guides and compatible product information.

General Details

Extra product information

The site contains: Guides by Impairment
These guides organise information from this site into helpful resources for various types of difficulties and impairments.

Each guide provides a list of assistive technology products and links to Step by Step Tutorials for accessibility features that are helpful for specific types of difficulties and impairments.

Guides available:
Visual Difficulties and Impairments
Dexterity Difficulties and Impairments
Hearing Difficulties and Impairments
Language and Speech Difficulties and Impairments
Learning Difficulties and Impairments
Tips for the Awkward Age of Computing

Alternative Keyboard Layouts
Free keyboard layouts—called Dvorak layouts—are available for people who type with one hand or finger. These layouts make the most frequently typed characters on a keyboard more accessible to people who have difficulty using the standard keyboard layout (called the "QWERTY" layout).
The Dvorak layouts are included free with Windows XP, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows Me, Windows 98, and Windows NT 3.51 and higher. To use the Dvorak layouts, it is necessary to change the keyboard settings. Instructions for doing this are on the Microsoft website.

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Models / Specifications

Model Microsoft Accessibility: Website which outlines the accessibility features of Microsoft products.

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