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The Powerpal 3100 is a powerful, compact, electric machine powered by 1 HP motor. It is battery operated and capable of generating 759 inch pounds of torque allowing it to easily push / pull well over 3000 kg. The Powerpal 3100 can operate continuously for 10 hours on a single charge.

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The Powerpal 3100 increases productivity and decreases injuries involved in transporting wheeled loads around commercial and industrial workplaces.
By mechanizing the process of transporting loads on wheels, a single employee can safely and efficiently transport substantially larger loads.

The automatic brake engages whenever the machine is not in use, ensuring safe operation on slopes. Your speed is controlled by how much you decide to twist the throttle in forward or reverse. The foam filled tyres coupled with an efficient motor generates low decibels and the operator needs no protective hearing gear. An automatic reverse button is located on the tiller to increase safety.

Drive fully shielded from environmental hazards by steel lower frame.

System drive:
Integral Stature motor drive and axle assembly: 30.87:1 motor to axle shaft ratio.
1.1 HP continuous load
Full differential wheel drive system.

Operating voltage:
36-volts D.C.: three 12-volt batteries, Trojan SCS225, 225 minute reserve capacity.
Battery level charge indicator: 10%-100% (with LED's).
Motor has capacity to draw up to 35 amps to increase peak operating conditions.
Operates up to 10-12 hours on a charge.
Recharge rate averages 8 hours from full discharge
On board 16 amp multistage self regulating battery charger
Very low threshold for automatic shut off
Charger self diagnostic lights

Foam filled 410mm rear tyres
Foam filled 305mm front tyre

Electronic, reverse motor current braking upon release of throttle.
Automatic parking brake with power off condition or emergency stop condition.
Manual parking brake release lever.
Dynamic braking
Regenerative braking is primarily used to stop the Powerpal.
This means the energy recovered when stopping is added to the battery.

Manual operation:
Speed forward: 3.2 mph maximum.
Speed in reverse: 1.6mph maximum.
Handgrip variable speed throttle control.
Integral throttle guard.
Handle spring balanced for automatic adjustable operation heights.

Automatic low battery warning.
Automatic overload shutdown.
Emergency overload current limiting.
Emergency reverse button.
Programmed acceleration and deceleration for operation control.
Constant feedback control of forward and reverse speeds.
Automatic parking brake.
Tyres underneath frame for pedestrian safety.
Warning horn in manual.
Vehicle motion buzzer with adjustable volume (quiet) plus on/off switch.
Hi-Lo speed switch to reduce speed for maneuvering.
Optional strobe light.

attachments can be customised to suit all types of equipment


United States of America


Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

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Model 3100 Mover: One model only

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