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Biggy is a software program that can be used to customise the appearance and various functions of the mouse cursor. It can be used with PC compatible and Macintosh computers. It features a range of cursor colours, designs and sizes, as well as options to modify various mouse related cursor functions.

General Details

Extra product information

SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: - IBM compatible computers. Macintosh computers require System version 7 or later. Biggy works in any colour depth, and across multiple monitors.

METHOD OF USE: - The required cursor appearance adjustments are selected via the software settings. These override existing standard mouse settings.

INSTALLATION: - Installation places a Biggy software shortcut into the startup commands of the computer. The software will function automatically when the computer is started.

CUSTOMISED FEATURES: - Alteration of the appearance of the mouse cursor from the traditional 16 x 16 pixels to a variety of 32 x 32 and 32 x 64 pixels (approximately 8 times the size of the regular cursor). It also has the options for auto-doubling the size of all system and application-specific cursors.
- Quickscroll function used in conjuction with `StickyKeys` in Windows Accessability Options (to lock down the function of the Ctrl key) allows the user to scroll windows in any direction with the left mouse button without targetting the scrollbar with the cursor.
- Productivity function allows for screen wrap (i.e. where the cursor leaves one side of the screen boundary and appears on the other automatically).
- QuickPoint function enables the curosr to be automatically placed over the default button when a dialog box appears.
- ActiMouse function will automatically bring an application to the front when the cursor is moved over its window.
- Further tools functions include ButtonMouse (external switch emulation of button function when used in conjunction with a switch adapted mouse), KeyMouse (emulation of Mousekeys function of Windows Accessibility Options with extra functions, Buttons (allocation of alternative functions to existing mouse hardware buttons), and Large Sizing Arrows (relaces double-headed arrows used for sizing windows with larger versions).

COMMENTS: - Biggy was especially designed for people with vision impairments, but would also be useful for laptop users, or anyone wanting a bigger cursor.




Refer to the supplier and manufacturer manual for maintenance instructions and safety warnings.

Models / Specifications

Model Biggy: Windows compatible

Model Biggy: Macintosh compatible

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