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Smart Home Automation

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Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation provides an alternative way to control your environment, enabling independence. A smart home has connected appliances and services controlled by a central smart device. Lights, curtains, appliances, media, temperature, music, security, safety, video intercom and communication can all be included on one smart device and triggered separately or in sequence. A smart home is controlled by a computer, an app on your phone or tablet, or via a wall panel adapted to your needs.

Factors to consider

  • What appliances would you like to control? Do you want one or two appliances controlled or a fully automated home?
  • The type of activators used such as light switches and motors that activate the appliances. These can either be built-in or separate.
  • The type of Network available for transmitting data and commands within the smart home such as a wired or wireless system. These include WIFI, radio frequency or infrared. Wired networks are reliable, but installation may be costly, especially if retrofitted into your home. Wireless networks can be easier and cheaper to install, but require a reliable internet connection, and can be at risk of blind spots and interference.
  • If you have difficulty controlling a tablet, smart phone or computer, seeks advice from an occupational therapist to identify alternative access methods.
  • It is possible to install a less complex smart home system yourself with off-the-shelf products. Tailored solutions will need a home automation technician or electrician to set up and install.
  • Consider costs for installation, ongoing technical support and troubleshooting.

Also known as:

  • Home automation
  • Integrated security systems
  • Smart homes
  • Intelligent home technology
  • Smart device
  • Interactive security

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