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Walking Frames

A walking frame refers to a piece of equipment which provides additional support to an individual when walking or standing. A walking frame is designed to be used over short to medium distances and can have accessories added to it to accommodate each individual’s requirements.

There are a number of styles of walking frame, these include four wheeled frames, three wheeled frames, two wheeled frames and static/pick-up frames. The type of walking frame required is specific to each person’s walking and balance needs. You may wish to seek advice from a Physiotherapist who is aware of your current needs.

Factors to consider

  • What types of environment will the walking frame be used in? I.e. indoors, outdoors, tight spaces, uneven surfaces, smooth surfaces, stairs.

  • How will the individual transport the frame? Will the walking frame be placed in the car when going out or does it need to be used on public transport. Depending on the answer to these questions you may consider the frames weight and capacity to be folded.

  • How well does the individual walk? I.e. their balance, walking speed, stamina when walking.

  • Ensuring the walking frame is the correct height

  • Keeping the walking frame well maintained

Also known as:

  • Zimmer frame

  • Walker

  • Wheeled walker

  • Frame

  • Rollator