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Speech Generating Devices

Speech generating devices refers to assistive technology that assists with communication. They are a form of “high tech” augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) designed to enable an individual to communicate words and messages with speech output.

There are many speech generating devices on the market and it is not a case of one device fits all. The speech generating device needs to be tailored to the abilities and requirements of the individual. You may need support from a Speech Pathologist who has current and extensive knowledge of the range of speech generating devices.

Factors to consider

  • How will the individual access the device? Will they use direct access (finger pointing) or require alternative access methods (such as scanning with an external switch or eye gaze)?
  • What language representation method will be used? Will words on the device be represented with symbols, photographs, semantic compaction or the alphabet?
  • What environments will the speech generating device need to be used in?
  • Are accessories such as a key guard, carry case, or mount required to access the device?
  • Trial of the speech generating device
  • Set-up, training and support needs
  • Ongoing support and troubleshooting needs.
  • Funding
  • What backup systems are in place if the speech generating device is unavailable, our of battery or needs repair?

Also known as

  • Electronic communication aids
  • High Tech Communication aids
  • Talkers
  • AAC devices
  • Voice Output Communication Aids (VOCA)