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In this section you will find information on devices to help you safely access the bathroom and toilet.


Bathing & Toileting

There is a wide range of equipment available to help a person access and use the bathroom safely and easily. Equipment to assist with bathing and toileting can include products that you use in the bathroom, as well as design features that you may decide to incorporate into the design of the bathroom or toilet.

Do You Need More Help or Advice?

Please call our national ILC Infoline 1300 885 886. You will be connected to your local state/territory ILC for the cost of a local phone call. Northern Territory callers are automatically directed to ILC in South Australia.

Standards and Regulations may apply to some products

Standards are published documents setting out specifications and procedures designed to ensure products, services and systems are safe, reliable and consistently perform the way they were intended to. They establish a common language which defines quality and safety criteria.