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This category covers the wide range of chairs and other accessories available to make your daily life easier and more comfortable.



Chairs are used for many different tasks in daily life. The time spent in chairs varies for individuals based on activities and tasks which are completed throughout the day. There are a number of different types of chairs which can be used for a variety of tasks and activities, often many different chairs are used within a day. Types of chairs include lounge chairs, electric recliner lift lounge chairs, office chairs, stools and dining/day chairs. The type of chair used for a task or activity is dependent on an individual’s needs and physical abilities.

Factors to Consider:

  • Ensure the chair is the correct height so that an individual’s knees are not above their hips, while maintaining feet comfortably on the ground or on a footrest.

  • Ensure the chair provides support to the natural curve in an individual’s spine.

  • How easy is it for an individual to get up from and into the chair. I.e. are arm rests required or an electronic standing function.

  • The firmness of the cushions on the chair. The softer the cushions on a chair the less support is provided by the chair when attempting to maintain a correct seated posture or attempting to stand from the chair.

  • How long an individual would be spending in a particular chair and the comfort level required. I.e. will the majority of the day be spent in the chair or will the chair only be used for short intervals during the day.

  • What type of activities will be completed while in the chair and how much access is required to objects or tables while seated in the chair.

  • Age of the individual using the chair. I.e. smaller chairs required for children.

  • Maintaining the chair and cleaning the chair.

This website provides impartial information and advice on some chairs and accessories to help you stand up, such as riser-recliner chairs and more complex specialist seating to suit.