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Powered Scooters

Powered scooters are devices which assist people to access their community and home. People who have difficulty walking within their home or walking long distances may find a powered scooter useful. There are numerous styles and brands of powered scooters available. Types of powered scooters available include four wheeled scooters, three wheeled scooters and small travel scooters. Some powered scooters are small and disassemble whilst others are large with the suspension to travel long distances. When selecting a powered scooter the type of seating, controls, ignition and types of accessories selected can vary depending on an individual’s needs. An Occupational Therapist can assist with choosing the most appropriate powered scooter for the individual’s abilities and needs.

Factors to consider

  • What are the needs of the individual? Consider the users physical, cognitive and perceptual skills as well as their vision and hearing.
  • Consider the seating requirements of the individual. How will they sit on the scooter? What seat width, depth and backrest height do they require? Will the individual have adequate legroom and back support?
  • Consider how and where the individual will use the scooter. Will it be used on uneven terrain, in small spaces or areas with hills? What distances will they cover? What type of tyres and suspension do they require?
  • What is the size of the scooter and how will it be transported? Is it suitable to be used on public transport? -Does additional equipment need to be considered to enable use of the scooter such as a lifter, carrier, trailer or ramp?
  • What is the appropriate speed for the individual and their environment?
  • What is the load capacity of the scooter and is it suitable for the individual?
  • Can the individual manage charging the battery and using the ignition?
  • Safety requirements such as head lights, horn, anti-tip wheels, reverse beeper and automatic speed reduction in reverse.
  • Is the scooter in the price range for the individual?

Also known as

  • Scooter
  • Four wheeled scooters
  • Three wheeled scooters
  • Small travel scooters
  • Gopher
  • Buggy
  • Golf cart
  • Cart