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Prams, buggies and push chairs

Prams, buggies and push chairs refer to devices that parents or carers can push while walking to transport a child. There are a range of prams, buggies and push chairs available to suit a child’s needs and can be modified to accommodate specific requirements. To determine the child’s requirements their physical needs and the environment that the pram, buggy or push chair will be used in must be considered. The manoeuvrability of the device and the comfort for the child are important considerations when selecting a pram, buggy or push chair. An Occupational Therapist can provide assistance when choosing a pram, buggy or push chair appropriate to the child’s needs.

Factors to consider:

  • What are the abilities of the child and requirements for the pram, buggy or push chair.
  • Where and how will the pram, buggy or push chair be used?
  • Is the frame a suitable width and size?
  • Can the equipment accommodate head supports, lateral supports, postural support or seating inserts? Does the backrest recline? If so what is the number of recline positions available.
  • What is the load capacity of the pram, buggy or push chair? Ensure the device will cater for a growing child.
  • How stable is the pram, buggy or push chair? Avoid anything that can tip over easily. Check how stability is affected if bags are added to the back of the pram, buggy or push chair.
  • Consider the size and number of wheels? Should a pump be kept handy for tires?
  • If using a harness consider how it is operated and if the straps are adjustable, how much support is provided?
  • Are the footrests adjustable for a growing child and is the positioning suitable to prevent feet being injured or caught.
  • Are the brakes easy to engage?
  • Can the upholstery be removed for cleaning and what type of cleaning is recommended?
  • Are there accessories available for weather protection?
  • What are the warranty details and servicing?

Also known as

  • Stroller
  • Pusher
  • Perambulator

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