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Products that may assist an individual to commence or continue to drive. Driver Trained Occupational Therapists can assist you to determine what modifications you may require and if any funding support for modifications is available to you. For any modification made to a standard vehicle a condition needs to be added to the licence of the driver stating the type of modification they require to drive. An Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment focuses on the impact of your disability or medical condition on commencing or returning to driving. It is different to a Department of Transport licensing test.

You are legally required to advise your State licensing authority of any medical condition or disability that may impact on your driving. If not, you risk fines or legal action and your car insurance can be affected. You may need to provide medical reports or undergo driving tests. Modifications to your vehicle must be in line with the Australian safety and design rules. Fitting of wheelchair occupant restraints, child restraints and vehicle hoist ramps must meet relevant Australian Standards. Modifications should be done by suitably qualified vehicle modifiers. You will also need to inform your car insurer of any vehicle modifications. Your policy may become void if you do not do so. Contact the vehicle licensing / registration authority in your State for more information.

Assessments may be conducted for:

-Fitness to drive – drivers with medical or age related changes

-Novice drivers – to determine driving readiness

-Experienced drivers with acquired medical conditions or disabilities to determine the impact on driving performance and possible need for modified driving controls

-Work related drivers – to determine the impact of injury or chronic pain conditions including ergonomic evaluation

-Commercial vehicle drivers – to determine medical capacity to drive heavy vehicles or workplace plant equipment

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