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Urinary & faecal collector bags are devices that collect urine or faeces so that it can be emptied regularly.


Urinary bags work in conjunction with catheters and sheaths. Urine drains from the bladder into the catheter or sheath, and then flows through a connecting tube into the urinary bag where it is stored until it can be emptied.

There are a few types of urinary bags including:

  • Day Bags/ Leg Bags. These are typically smaller and are attached to the user’s thigh using elastic straps. Leg bags are usually worn during the day and are easy to conceal under pants or skirts. Once full, the bag can be emptied into the toilet.

  • Night Bags/ Drainage Bottles. These are larger than day bags, and can be hung over a bed rail, or wheelchair. Drainage bottles are freestanding, and are typically placed on the floor next to the bed at night. These devices hold a greater volume of urine than day bags.