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this section covers emergency call systems, phones, intercoms and telehealth


Telephones, Intercoms and Call Systems

Emergency call systems operate in a variety of environments such as private homes, hospitals, nursing homes and retirement villages. They are designed to enable a person to summon assistance when needed. This is achieved by activating a personal alarm which is often carried on the person. Emergency call systems can give individuals and their family peace of mind that help is on its way, particularly if the person lives alone. Please contact your local Independent Living Centre for further information on emergency call systems, including local suppliers in your area.

There are a range of telephones designed to help people who have difficulty using regular land line and mobile telephones. The can accommodate for problems with vision, hearing and dexterity as well as being simpler to use than many of the phones currently on the market.

Do You Need More Help or Advice

Please call our national ILC Infoline 1300 885 886. You will be connected to your local state/territory ILC for the cost of a local phone call. Northern Territory callers are automatically directed to ILC in South Australia.